PyOpenGL grows FreeGLUT support (And other little post-work tasks...)

Spent three or four hours getting PyOpenGL to support FreeGLUT 2.x, no big deal really, just a hack to tell the build system to consider it to be the most modern version of GLUT (and thus to build the whole base-GLUT API), and then wrappers for the FreeGLUT-specific methods/constants.

After that turned my attention to the question of wrapping extensions. First task was to quantify the problem, which is as far as I got. There are currently ~250 registered extensions, we have ~184 still to wrap to get full coverage.

That doesn't count the OpenGL 1.4 and 1.5 built-in functions still needing to be wrapped. Going to have to automate the process if there's any hope of completing it (and keeping it up-to-date).

Did all this in the Linux environment. Unfortunately, the tablet is still nonfunctional, so I'll have to switch back to Windows as soon as the emerge of KDE has completed.


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