Oh, the evening's coffee (Hanging out in Starbucks...)

Wound up hanging out at Starbucks in Forest Hill this evening with Shane and Lara. Nothing really deep discussed, though Shane and I did wind up kvetching about the political climate in North America a little on the way home.

Probably bored Lara a little, but we fed her, so it almost balances out :) . Silly camera messed up just about all of the shots I took. Wish the dratted thing had some way to control the flash. Would be useful if one could zoom, control the shutter speed, depth of field, etceteras too. Oh, and the pixelation in large areas of similar colour is a PITA. Oh, and the horrible low-light operation is just annoying. I lost a beautiful shot from the walk over with the fog and the lights playing with the shadows :( . I should probably go out and buy a decent camera one of these days, but I keep thinking "if I just wait a few more years then really decent digital cameras should drop dramatically in price so I can afford something really nice".

Anyway, should head off to sleep some time soon. Otherwise Ms Grammy will have no worthy competition tomorrow (again no takers from the fairer sex for the pool games w/ grams (save grams herself, of course)).


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