Doesn't look like it's in any condition to update to using v4 (PySNMP is hard enough to use with full releases...)

After a few attempts to get everything working with PySNMP v4a1, think I'm going to have to shelve that work and move back to PySNMP 3.x. Whatever fixes may have shown up, the amount of rewriting it's requiring is just too much to consider in the middle of trying to track down this memory leak.

Annoying, because it would be nice to have the MIB support, particularly if I could tweak it to include the documentation (the Cinemon code is just a few steps from allowing arbitrary MIB collection, would be a neat feature to allow).

No Tim today (again)... that's now... what, 4 days without being able to ask him what's actually needed to get the hotspot project moving. Tim, if you're out there, phone home... though I suppose I'll see you anyway at the management meeting tomorrow.

For now, must start cooking; 4 guests coming in about an hour and I still haven't figured out what to serve other than the Molé.


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