Sat down to generate the PyOpenGL docs today

Which uses the directdocs generator, which is based on python-lxml... but the API for lxml has apparently changed (with the rebuilding of the workstation to Ubuntu).  Namespaces have to be passed explicitly as a named argument... no problem, can fix that... oh, but now it can't resolve entity references such as ⁢ in the document.

Weird, I'm guessing either the version has increased or decreased and the version on Ubuntu doesn't handle resolving entities automatically.  On the Gentoo box it resolved the ⁢ entity to "", which would seem to make sense, as it looks like it's a MathML way of saying "italics start here".

Which is to say that from a 5-minute "regenerate and upload the PyOpenGL docs" task this has become a "project" that will need time set aside for it.


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