Take a step away from the computer (That's it, nice and easy...)

Frustrating (I'm gnashing my teeth at this point) to spend literally hours trying to whittle down a memory leak only to get close and find that it disappears. Mirages of memory leaks plague me. Now that I'm doing a gc run after each test case, and with a few other tweaks to try and filter out the noise, I'm suddenly finding that the entire signal was noise.

So, took half an hour or so to update the MS Toolkit Compiler page. Turns out someone decided to alter the msvccompiler module somewhere between the beta with which I last tested and the final release. No big deal, just rendered the original patch useless. Anyway, new version appears to work fine with the major packages, so there we go.

I'm so tired of this frikkin leak. Gods, it's been... what... 4? 5? long days of searching, and I'm nowhere closer to figuring it out? The whole dang leak seems to be composed of caches getting filled and queues growing to balance points, but it's somehow sucking up 2GB of memory in less than a day of operation. And there's definitely something that leaks... there's unbounded growth with certain combinations of tests... it just doesn't seem to want to show up when I look closer.

I've said it before, I'll likely say it again... Argh!


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