Slow day's party into night... (Not a lick of work done)

Woke up late, did the week's grocery shopping, then took a nap (planning for just half an hour). Instead I woke up at 6pm, just two hours before the party. Decided to start working on my proposal for PyCon... got the summary and the like done and had just started working on the outline when Shane called to invite me to coffee before the party...

So, off to machiatto-land I went.

Then to Melissa's party. Fun, though not really over-the-top, Melissa's mom is generally interesting to talk to, though extremely academic in her approach to learning. I wound up explaining my thesis to her and her friend Ron.

Other than that, not a lot of people really seemed to be into deep or meaningful conversation. There were some beautiful girls there, but not really anyone "interesting" (in a romantic way (i.e. no one whose mind I felt the burning need to explore), there were plenty of artists and singers and the like who were fun and interesting in a general sort of way).

Aaron and Nagmeh showed up, which was nice. Haven't seen them in ages (they're both good for a deep and meaningful conversation, though we didn't really have one tonight).

Anyway, off to gram's place for a Christmas brunch buffet tomorrow, then home to try to get some work done on PyOpenGL (assuming I get some time in between proof-reading assignments for Rosey)... or maybe I'll just take some time to implement new features for Cinemon. Guess we'll all find out tomorrow.


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