Dang spammers to the deepest, coldest regions of heck! (Another social casualty on the information super-highway...)

As my avid readers will remember, Natasha didn't come to the Solstice party, thus missing out on the opportunity to meet Lia. Now, that's hardly news, former girlfriends aren't, after all, required to show up to parties celebrating celestial events. There is, however, slightly more of a story.

You see, not having received any reply from her, I called on the Saturday morning of the party, partly just because it had been ages since we'd talked, but also to give her a chance to mention that she'd be coming. She didn't even mention it.

So, you say (avid reader that you are, you often talk to my blog), why didn't you just ask explicitly?

Well, I guess because I didn't want to be pushy. She's got her own life, and if she wants to ignore an invitation, that's her perogative. That's where the spam comes in...

Turns out she never got the invite. I sent it to her hotmail account, and apparently it got spam-canned there :( . However, and this will releive you to such an extent that I would strongly suggest visiting the washroom before reading it:

It turns out she was busy anyway, so I don't have to get myself a sniper rifle and start hunting down the spammers...

But next time, spammers... you've been warned.


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