Not much done this evening (Began working on "inexactitude" section...)

Finally saw "The Incredibles", it was definitely worth the money. Anyway, got home and didn't really feel up to doing any work, so spent a few hours vegging on the couch.

Eventually pulled my lazy bones out of bed and started work on the next section of the Play in Design document. This one is on the topic of Inexactitude, which only had one line in the original outline. That's not unusual, I was using pretty heavily abbreviated forms for the outline, but it wasn't until I sat down this evening that I really understood just how sparse the outline is in comparison to the topic.

Way too much material to fit in before I head off to bed. Heck, just the discussion of the attraction of sketching (my thesis advisor writes whole books on that topic) and the ideas surrounding looseness being one of the key factors in creativity are a fairly large topic.

Oh, thought of a "key phrase" for the loosenes in memory idea "ignore the differences long enough to see the similarities". It's not ideal, but it gets much of the idea of metaphoric thought.

Anyway, have to get up fairly early tomorrow if I'm going to get dinner cooked for everyone, so I suppose I should get to bed now.


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