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March 29, 2004 - April 4, 2004

Joey's Redhead's wish list (Publishing the wish-list on the web, what a novel idea...)

Joey's gf, "the Redhead" has put her wish list on the web. Friends and I often get together and discuss our wish lists, but I don't think any of us have published them. Of course Alanis Morissette's "21 Things I Want in a Lover" is a really public point in the continuum of publishing ...

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Software bugs are most similar to ticks (They suck the blood (time) right out of a project)

Been trying to track down this silly bug for... far too long. Basically two fields from the scanner aren't getting copied to the tracking table, as a result, the automatic generation of network hierarchy is failing (it can only assert that the modems belong to the CMTS, not that they exist on a particular channel). ...

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Shrubbery and such-like (Tree controls developing apace)

Webui uses a modified, chaining-friendly version of Zope3's page templates. It's very easy to create recursive templates, as the templates can readily call any registered view for any object to which they have access. The tree control is such a recursive template. It does a little work up-front to see how many children the current ...

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Growing trees... (Webui gets new controls today)

Client wants the UI to have an overview page, so looks like I'll be creating a tree+grid control to display all of the branches of the system with summaries of their current status. Doesn't look too terribly hard, so I'm expecting it to be a royal PITA :) .

Yesterday was useful, but the last ...

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Metaclass presentation & code online (Well, presentation was always there, but the code is just up now)

I've just uploaded the final metaclass presentation and the code samples for it to my website. The code samples are very low-level and readily followed (I hope), they just show where you put your finger to accomplish the various effects discussed in the presentation. The presentation is the full 74 page PDF I presented ...

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Getting the machine back up to speed (Post-conference blahs setting in...)

Compressing focus back to the work I need to get done today is proving hard. Too many ideas and possibilities still orbiting around in my head. There seems to have been a surprisingly small amount of discussion of the conference online, or I'm just looking in the wrong places. Oh well, suppose I'll just fire ...

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