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Dec. 6, 2004 - Dec. 12, 2004

Apparently picked up something at the party (Hit me this afternoon...)

Got home from grams place (score: 2 all) and realised I had a bit of a fever, proceeded to develop all the classic flu symptoms (including the oh-so-lovely aches and pains in joints and a nice sweaty (and high) fever).

Luckily the fever broke around 10 or so, but then Rosey wanted me to review ...

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Slow day's party into night... (Not a lick of work done)

Woke up late, did the week's grocery shopping, then took a nap (planning for just half an hour). Instead I woke up at 6pm, just two hours before the party. Decided to start working on my proposal for PyCon... got the summary and the like done and had just started working on the outline when ...

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Do I dare declare? (Approaching the magical 770 minutes of processing time...)

The demo instance has been crashing with memory errors after about 770 minutes of processor time, or about 12 hours of wall-clock time. As of now, we're up to 767 minutes, with only 153MB of memory used.

So often these leaks have tormented me; pretending to be gone, only to reappear ever-so-much slower than before. ...

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Another memory leak found and killed (Yet I feel no joy... 7, almost 8 days tracking down leaks and it's *still* losing memory...)

Yet another leak discovered and fixed. Basically there was code that had started out storing a single object as the value in a dictionary. When checking whether to delete that object (a callback for a timeout), the code was checking to see whether the object it was about to delete really was the deferred object ...

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Oh, a few more successes with the Toolkit... (PyGreSQL and PyPgSQL both work...)

So far the only failure that's been seen is in Numpy 23.6 (23.1 works), and it works with a different version of one of the packages. Was very pleased when I just typed "vc7" and was able to move both packages to Python 2.4 just by running again (having just finished building them for ...

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What's with the SourceForge and (Both decided yesterday to take aeons to load each page (if at all))

I'm trying to release new PyTable and BasicPropery versions. Unfortunately, it's been something like 40 minutes, and I'm still waiting for the dratted SourceForge to load the release-editing pages. And the pages are taking... well... it's hours and hours anyway, I started it downloading when I woke up at 10AM, and it's still not ...

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New PyTable release (PyGreSQL support added)

For those with a yen for PyGreSQL, there's a new version of PyTable that has preliminary support for it. It runs most of the PyTable tests, but fails miserably in the real-world project (some problem with the reverse-engineering of the schema from the database).

Anywho, there for those who want to play with it.

Most of the day disappears in getting dependencies built (And still it disappears...)

Wound up going down to Givex to work with D'Arcy on the EFT server. Spent most (almost all) of the time getting NetBSD packages set up for BasicProperty and PyTable, then getting a PyGreSQL driver written (and debugged) for PyTable (D'Arcy won't even install PyPgSQL).

Still problems with the PyGreSQL driver that I'm intending to ...

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Don't forget to remove the testing fixtures you've added (Otherwise the test suite goes to heck...)

File this in the "stupid things that waste half an hour of debugging time" category. Switching to trying to verify the memory leak fixed, I suddenly discovered that something like half of the tests were now failing... so combed through all of the changes trying to figure out what I screwed up... turns out I'd ...

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