Almost have the mail server set up (Stand-alone server that's quiet enough to leave on all the time...)

I've just completed testing the new mail server setup. It's basically identical to the setup on my home workstation, save that it's for both Rose and I (and it's running on a dedicated (if low-spec) machine).

Outlook (which Rose uses from her XP laptop) doesn't seem to handle network interruptions very well, it hangs and has to be killed from the OS if the wireless cuts out during the imap syncronisation. Other than that the test went well. There's still 1.5GB of space left on the drive, but I should go pick up a cheap 30GB drive somewhere so that Rose can store her files on a partition accessible from both machines (while she's transitioning off the desktop).

Spent a good part of the afternoon trying to help someone with their laptop, so I'm pretty much fed up with Windows for the day. We're going to veg out and watch Natural Born Killers.


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