A few tiny steps forward in OpenGLContext (So much more relaxing than Cinemon...)

Added code to cycle through defined viewpoints in a VRML97 file, to adopt the specified fieldOfView of the viewpoint, and to respect the "jump" flag in deciding whether to update position and rotation.

I think with that I'm basically done tinkering with the Viewpoint support. It's by no means a full VRML97 viewpoint implementation, but it covers the stuff you normally want to do.

Next, and likely the last, (significant) task is to make sure there are VRML contexts for all GUI libraries and to provide a way to choose which one you want to use by default. We may have a 2.0.0 final release yet!

For now, time to sleep. Tomorrow promises to be a long and frustrating experience :( . Oh well, that's what they pay me the... oh, right... never mind.


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