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A few tiny steps forward in OpenGLContext (So much more relaxing than Cinemon...)

Added code to cycle through defined viewpoints in a VRML97 file, to adopt the specified fieldOfView of the viewpoint, and to respect the "jump" flag in deciding whether to update position and rotation.

I think with that I'm basically done tinkering with the Viewpoint support. It's by no means a full VRML97 viewpoint implementation, but ...

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Hard limits and heuristics (Or, my day in frustrating revelations...)

Have been doing all of our testing/development work with a partially-specified hierarchy provided by ACI. The change last week, which I thought of as creating an over-specified hierarchy in the demo/testing code had actually come darn close to simulating precisely a normal hierarchy. The extreme slowdown turns out to be a real effect that we ...

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Long edit-test-debug cycles really are productivity-sapping (While I wait for the simulation to get to the point where it can be run again...)

Developing Cinemon got really slow sometime late last week, mostly because of the more aggressive scanning parameters and the larger physical map. On the real system these don't have that much of an effect, but the demo/dev system is just crawling. Instead of a 20s cycle it's become a 3 or 4 minute cycle. That ...

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