Voicemail should just show up in my inbox... (Since I never check it on the phone)

Got wires crossed in trying to arrange a meeting with Stephen this afternoon. He both phoned and sent an email asking to meet at 2 at a coffee shop of my choice. I replied to the email saying, "sure, we'll use this one". Then beetled off to get to the coffee shop on time. Then I waited. And waited. At 3:15 I decided something went wrong and came home.

No email waiting for me, so in desperation I checked the voice mail. There, from before the email was sent, was a voice mail saying "call me on my cell phone to arrange a meeting". So, call, and he's been out running errands all day, so hasn't seen the emails at all.

Oh well, back to Starbucks I go (in 15 minutes). Probably the most exercise I've had in months (when you add in having to haul the (large load of) groceries upstairs this afternoon due to the broken elevator).

I should just code up a VoiceMail server using Twisted and use that as my phone. Would be good practice anyway, and nothing says "I'm a hopeless geekmantic" like having a SIP address for your phone number.


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