OpenGLContext testing and finishing... (Little fixes here and there and a disturbing failure on Linux...)

Built PyOpenGL 2.0.2 from CVS; took quite a while as I forgot to clean out the old SWIG source before doing it. Result was completely non-functional. Once that was done no big deal.

Fixed a bug in PyOpenGL with handling of unsigned integers (was rejecting integers > 32-bit integer values as part of the default SWIG mapping, no reason to do that on a 64-bit system).

Found that TTFQuery didn't pick up /usr/local/share/fonts as a standard system font directory. Added that. Also added ~/.fonts, though on my system this appears to be a duplicate of /usr/local/share/fonts/winfonts (my imported fonts).

The bitmap font types all seem to be broken on Linux. Haven't figured out why yet. Looks like the alpha channel is inverted compared to windows, or maybe it's just a problem rendering with alpha on Linux.

wxPython is exibiting some annoying behaviour where you have to first click on the window to allow animations to run or keyboard events to be registered.

Worst problem, however, is with the shadow-context rendering. It's actually managing to crash the X server. The first frame or 10 render, but then something goes nuts and the entire display freezes and keyboard actions have no effect. Only way to get out of it is killing the whole machine.

Anyway, lots of bugs to play with tomorrow between shopping and the party. Though the biggest one looks to be a driver bug, rather than a bug in my code.


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