Think that's it for the week (Use up some of this week's overtime to get a jump on OpenGLContext etc.)

Was up at some ungodly hour this morning (though I steadfastly refused to answer the phone for whatever nut-case phoned me at 9 in the morning), so I think I'll use up an hour of this week's overtime (I have 7 hours extra just this week, which isn't a huge amount, but when you're not sleeping well every hour away from bed seems like an eternity) to get a day's work done on OpenGLContext before I head off to sleep.

(Natasha hasn't yet told me whether she's coming over to learn Scrabble this evening).

Didn't wind up doing any PySNMP hacking, figured I'd focus on getting a few more bugs and features from Tuesday fixed/implemented. SIP pager project should have the templates to me sometime early next week, so should be a busy 5 days.


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