What the wimmin-folk are up to (Sisters and friends wandering about the place...)

Lara (file photo) came by to watch the Grammies (as distinct from grams) on our TV, she's still out there singing and clapping every once in a while, then she switches over to Jerry Macguire and gets all maudlin.

Rosey (again, file photo) is beetling away (just looked that up for spelling and discovered that I've apparently been using it incorrectly, I thought "beetling" meant "working in the manner of a (dung) beetle", pushing a very large load, turns out "beetling" all by itself means jutting or protruding, but I know "beetling away" as I use it is common usage, despite dictionary.com not even mentioning it as a sense of the word) in her room getting her lesson plans (due tomorrow) finished.

Ah, now Lara has left, Rosey still beetles...


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