Morning meetings and evening hacking (With a nap in the middle to handle the first and prepare for the second...)

We've started having our management meetings during the daytime (as D'Arcy is no longer working primarily at the one client's offices). Can't say I love the hour's commute, or getting up at unreasonable hours, but I got a lift back, and it's nice to pat the kitty-cats (they have 11) as we work.

After the management meeting, realised that I was just not functioning well enough to be debugging, so took a bit of a nap. After that spent a few hours finishing the migration of Cinemon from using string OIDs to using tuple OIDs. It was amazing how many little issues came up. I also spent quite some time trying to figure out why the silly server was just spontaneously exiting. Eventually realised that I'd added code to do exactly that in order to profile the code. That was a "sigh" moment.

Tomorrow I'm going to finalise it all and then we'll move it over to the live server to see if the performance benefits of the rewrite for the demo machine carry through to real-world.


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