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Since it came up this weekend (If people are in the market for contract programmers...)

Yes, we (VexTech/The Cain Gang) are available for hire for programming projects. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss a project.

We, incidentally, includes D'Arcy (maintainer of PyGreSQL, and a developer on PostgreSQL and NetBSD), Tim (the creator of the Vaults of Parnasus, primary sysadmin of Vex, and our ...

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Morning meetings and evening hacking (With a nap in the middle to handle the first and prepare for the second...)

We've started having our management meetings during the daytime (as D'Arcy is no longer working primarily at the one client's offices). Can't say I love the hour's commute, or getting up at unreasonable hours, but I got a lift back, and it's nice to pat the kitty-cats (they have 11) as we work.

After the ...

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PyDispatcher as a source of inspiration... (Now we just need to make it a component people want to use.)

Philip J. Eby has an interesting little article. First because he mentions PyDispatcher, second because he points to a Christopher Alexander article. The Alexander article isn't world-changing, but I always find it interesting when software developers quote architectural theoreticians (and yes, I know it's common with Alexander in particular).

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