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A day in Linux is an adventure... (Little fixes and bug reports...)

So today I decided I would emerge sync and then update the whole Gentoo world while I was working to try to get a few annoyances fixed. In particular, wanted to see if the new mythtv would fix the colour problems.

First I had to fix a shallow error in the building of Qt, opengl-update ...

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Hmm, what's wrong with the picture settings... (Will be a bit of a pain when recording...)

Turns out that Myth stores picture settings for each channel, but doesn't seem to allow altering those settings, so I can't just use v4lctl to set the values unless I do it every time I change the channel. There's also something weird happening to the audio whenever I record (it suddenly starts sounding tinny and ...

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Well would you look (and listen) to that! (Finally get PVR software working...)

Okay, so what did it take to get the ATI TV Wonder Pro running on Gentoo Linux with sound and video under MythTV, you ask? You ask the weirdest questions sometimes:
  • Upgrade the kernel to 2.6.10 (unstable for AMD64)
  • Patch the kernel with the latest Video-for-Linux patches for that kernel version, which include fixes for ...

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