Finally hit my stride on the PyCon presentation (Key is to use paper for designing... you'd think I'd remember that...)

So, instead of sitting in front of the computer and working on the presentation, I printed out the paper (such as it is) and began working on slides as boxes on pieces of paper around key phrases. It's messy, but that's part of the point. I got the bulk of the paper (up to the section describing the rationalised rule which defines the idea of a descriptor) rendered as about 18 slides. I'll have to trim that somewhat, but it's about right timing-wise.

Did some exercises for 10 minutes or so, just enough to convince me that I need to be doing a heck of a lot more. Starting to get soft and creaky.

Oh, didn't mention this yesterday, but I did finally get CD burning and DVD playing working. Was just a matter of changing the permissions. Once that was done everything worked as expected.

For now, I think I'll call it a night, turn on Harry Potter (PVR'd from the CBC this evening) and give my hands a rest.


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