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Bug steals a day and mocks me unresolved (And somewhere in there I lost a few hours...)

Spent basically the whole day trying to figure out why one of the two CMTSs is reporting huge numbers of offline modems even though you can manually ask any of the offline modems to scan and have it succeed.

It's one of those errors that seems to defy the logic of the application, the scanner ...

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Still awake... (Listening to an audio book to try to get to sleep)

Book is not what I was expecting. It's "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them", and I'd been expecting a psychological study of the nature of lying. It's actually an attempt to address the right-wing media machine. Not much in the way of new material... that's wrong, not many new ideas, just a ...

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First 10 slides finished (Fairly snappy presentation so far...)

There's a huge difference when you write a presentation to be accompanied by a paper versus one where the presentation is the whole enchilada. The slides are much less crowded, you present just the highest-level points and move on. Not sure whether it's going to markedly change the time per slide.

Anyway, converted all of ...

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