Still non-functional (And now Rosey's machine is infected...)

Fever is back up again, and I feel like I'm mentally underwater. Just lying in bed is getting painful, so I'm trying sitting up, but then dizziness hits. Rosey says I'm "burning up", but it's really much less intense than yesterday. Sick sucks.

To make my life perfect, Rosey's Windows machine has been infected by a trojan horse (again). I don't have everything worked out to make sure she can use Linux yet, so I'll have to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-install Windows and just hope the infections stay at bay long enough to move her over.

Wow, it's taken a really long time to write this (I'm typing slowly, and I keep making stupid errors such as "right this" here). Maybe I shouldn't blog when sick.


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