Figuring out the PyCon schedule (When exactly do I present?)

I've not actually sat down yet to figure out to which talks I want to go. Guess I'll do that now (even though I'm not quite packed yet):

Keynote Python on the .NET Platform 9:30 Wed
Developing Responsive GUI Applications Using HTML and HTTP 2:30 Wed
Intuition and Python Programming - the Python Visual Sandbox 4:00 Wed
Traits - The Next Generation 4:30 Wed (maybe)
PyPy and Type Inference 5:30 Wed
Localized Type-Inference in Python 6:00 Wed

Keynote The State of Python 9:00 Thurs
Python's "Black Magic" 3:00 Thurs
Descriptors: from Functional Wart to Decorator Madness via Properties 3:30 Thurs (Which is, of course, the hotest ticket in town...)

Keynote Python at Google 9:00 Fri
Fast Networking with Python 1:00 Fri
The Personal Internet Endpoint 2:30 Fri

(I spend most of the conference out in the halls chatting, of course). Anyway, departure time has moved up by 1/2 hour, so can't keep dawdling. See you at PyCon folks!


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