Days of raging cleaning (Keeping it managable is just as important as building it in the first place)

Spent the whole day today either quashing little bugs that had crept into the Cinemon 1.0 tree (or were bothering Tim in BasicProperty), or cleaning out the cruft in the Cinemon issue tracker. Oh, also did some work on learning rc.d syntax and structure before realising that rc.local was the preferred approach... and did some documentation in there somewhere.

I think I wound up losing track of close to two hours of work in there somewhere, too :( , I'm a little sensitive to that because a lot of the cleaning of the issue tracker was closing out tasks I spent days or weeks working on without a single minute billed (at some point I just stopped using the tracker entirely because we couldn't bill for anything until we had a new agreement, but there were still a few items in there).

Anyway, the issue tracker looks much more managable now, and there are very few bugs in the 1.0 branch still waiting for squishing.

Now don't go tracking nasty bug-guts all over my nice, clean, floors... mutter... mutter.


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