I should write now (But I feel like sleeping instead)

Switched over to the development branch today for testing. Went fairly well, just a few bugs that crept up due to differences between the test framework and the real system. Pretty good considering it's an entirely new CMTS and Modem type being added to the system.

I should take an hour or two to write. Just sit and write on the thesis.

Have a recurring thought spurred by something Brendan and I were discussing on Sunday: I need a research assistant. Someone who enjoys devouring books and précising (sp?) them. There's just so much material I should be reviewing to find new ideas... but then, I'd have to actually be writing and teaching to make that worthwhile.

Iteresting reaction from the mother of one of my previous students (from the "Ideas on the Good Life" course) on hearing that I'm planning to return to and then teach in a University. "But you're so smart!" Interesting to see the other side, while I see it as the natural place to go in order to make the best use of intelligence, she saw it as a waste.


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