Wikipedia editing is addictive too! (Try to create a simple link from a blog post and wind up writing another encyclopedia article...)

While I was writing that last blog post I wanted to link to Wikipedia entries for van der Laan, proportional systems, and a number of other things... but there's no page for proportion (architecture), so I have to create one... and then I have to go through my thesis notes looking for the various proportional systems to include... and then I have to go spelunking for Wikipedia references for each of them.

All told (oh, shoot, and <elided> looked up the correct spelling of that for me) that's more than 2 hours to add a link. Still, have to admit that it felt darn good to research. I'd actually not gone through the "treasure chests" part of my thesis in a long time. Hard to believe just how much information there is in there.

Wish I really had time to work on this kind of thing, go down to the U of T library, check out books, produce graphics, that kind of thing. Oh well.


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