Ah the glory of web-site design (IE sucks the lichen off the rocks...)

Day was spent on posters and web-sites and similar things. I'm still thinking that taking that extra day from last week as a flex day would be useful. Do some shopping and laundry before our guests arrive (3 extra people, (two children), in a 2 bedroom apartment for 1 or 2 months... going to be fun!)

It was pointed out a few hours ago that the web-site sucked in IE. Turns out IE still doesn't support PNG transparency properly, so I wound up having to substitute in a stippled-GIF transparency... which looks horrible everywhere, but not as horrible as the karked PNG rendering did on IE.

Anyway, with the extra time spent last night I think I can well and truly say I'm done for the day (my hands, at the minimum, agree with me).


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