Lies and statistics (Haven't looked at this in a while...)

Had the computer churn out a statistical report for the website this morning. Here's the little details that catch my eye:

  • blog gets about 3000 unique visitors/week, 2000 of those each week are entirely new (never seen before since the beginning of the logs being collected)
  • www gets about 4000 to 4600 unique visitors/week, with about 3000 to 3400 of those new
  • py3d gets 1400 visitors/week, with almost all of them being new
  • pictures and portfolio are another 1000/week, again, largely new-only
  • programming (local programming projects) gets about 400/week
  • mstoolkit is almost 1/2 of that, with 200/week
  • starpy is another 70-80/week
  • texts (writing) has about 200/week
  • about 100/week for the published poetry, but the poetry pages do very well on the blog as well, so that's somewhat low for estimating the popularity of poetry-as-an-activity
  • essays and stories both get about 50/week
  • 153 people have downloaded my unfinished thesis rewrite, versus 800+ reading the (comparatively far less extensive, and also unfinished) play-in-design essay

All of which is apropos of nothing much, just navel-gazing for a few minutes to give me a rest between paying tasks.


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