Conference call ambushes me (Weirdest of places...)

I very seldom get over to my co-worker (Tim)'s place. But this week I picked up his pay cheque for him, so I had an excuse to walk over and see his new baby. My plan, you see, was to pop in, see her (the baby) and then pop out again to get some serious work done this afternoon.

Instead, I got there and Tim reminded me that we need to get the demo installed on his laptop for Tuesday. Oops, I hadn't left my firewall open to allow us to download the assembled files, so we were going to have to pull each piece down... very tedious process that I've already done twice... there's just so many libraries involved!

However, before we even got started on the install, Tim mentioned that the other two partners in VexTech were wanting to do a conference call. It turned into a 1:05hr call, basically just repeating snippets of the meetings from Wednesday and Thursday for those who weren't at the various meetings. That's weird, for me, because it meant I was at someone else's home, talking on a phone to people in other locations... that just feels wrong, somehow. Waste of valuable social time.

Didn't get out of Tim's place until 17:30, and still didn't have the demo close to set up (some of the pieces require a compiler setup to do an install-from-source, and we spent the bulk of the time just getting the laptop cleaned up so we could start installing (Tim uses Windows even less frequently than I do, and I only use it to build binaries for other people these days)).

I've done some emailing and other trivial stuff since then, but effectively this is the third day in a row sucked into the gaping maw of meetings. Have agreed to go to a movie with friends tonight... dinner at friend's tomorrow... helping rebuild another friend's computer Sunday after visiting grams... then dinner and a movie with yet other friends on Monday... PyGTA Tuesday. So much for my dreams of working on PyOpenGL-in-ctypes this weekend.

I'm really thinking I need to burn a few CDs with all of the binaries for the Cinemon demo with an installer. Eventually we're going to have 30 or 40 salespeople needing a running copy of the demo, and this manual install process is going to get might expensive if it takes 5 hours per laptop (it's much easier on Gentoo or FreeBSD, where you always have compilers and can use packages for the bulk of the installs, the problem being that the SVG viewers under X aren't yet up to the task).

Anyway, should pack it in here and head off to the movie. I was thinking I'd like to take a look at the new Boost-based OpenGL wrapper, but I guess I'll have to do that some other time...


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