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Coincidence and magic (Plans fall apart, then magically reassemble themselves)

After the meeting with PCI this afternoon I beetled down to the Friendly Thai for dinner with Mark and Dave. Turns out it was actually 6 people for dinner, not just the three of us. By the time we finished, though, the hardworking people had to get to bed so they could get up in ...

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Conferencing software (Emulation setup should work better when enabled...)

One of the things we've been trying to get put together is simple audio-conferencing software for use among the partners in VexTech. Problem is that I've not been able to get Skype working on my workstation (an AMD64 box). However, Tim has got it working, so it's almost certainly a problem with my box.

So, ...

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Joy of Windows (I'm such a sucker for a beautiful face...)

Friend needed help trying to repair her computer this evening. I'm really not flush enough with time to be messing about with corrupted Windows installs, but you can't just leave a lady in distress.

Turned out to be a corrupted hard disk. Also a broken CD drive, and some loose cables, with no admin password ...

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