Coincidence and magic (Plans fall apart, then magically reassemble themselves)

After the meeting with PCI this afternoon I beetled down to the Friendly Thai for dinner with Mark and Dave. Turns out it was actually 6 people for dinner, not just the three of us. By the time we finished, though, the hardworking people had to get to bed so they could get up in the morning, so no movie.

Dave and I went for coffee while he waited for his train home, and just as he was leaving, in walked my cousin (Pearl). Turns out she came downtown to watch a movie, but couldn't find anyone with whom to go. Long story short, we watched Bewitched. Sad to say, the reviews were right, nice enough premise, but the execution leaves one a bit flat. Pearl enjoyed it, but I just couldn't get into the characters.

Home now, thinking I'll need to go over to Tim's tomorrow afternoon to install the demo on his laptop. Also need to think about what we're going to present, I suppose. Fun :) .


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