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June 27, 2005 - July 3, 2005

Ping! Pop! Zip! (I feel like running around hugging people!)

I love this feeling! I wish I had a forest nearby. I love being out in a forest in the middle of a thunderstorm when I feel like this. Well, I always love being in a thunderstorm, but especially when I can feel the connection.

Or dancing. Dancing is always perfect when I'm in this ...

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All ya need is love (Du-du-du-du-du)

Just had one of those neat moments of universal love. You know the feeling; the one that says "isn't this just an incredible world, filled with wonders and glories too numerous and subtle to list". Aren't people just so powerful and deep that you just want to make them all smile? An upwelling of joy ...

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One small step for Mikey-kind (One ever-so-tiny leap for OpenGL-ctypes)

I've just now managed to get GLUT to load on Linux using ctypes. It turns out that GLUT requires the use of the "RTLD_GLOBAL" flag when loading GL and GLU so that it can resolve its references to those libraries. At the moment ctypes doesn't support passing in the flag, but with a patch to ...

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Once more on the upgrade path (Trying to update Gentoo profile again)

Okay, I'm going to try updating my system to the 2005.1 profile (again). First task is to try to get a gcc version built with multilib support. Previously I managed to get it built, but then everything I built with the new compiler was non-functional (luckily it hadn't clobbered the old version yet or I ...

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Shouldn't be linked against (Refuses to load on Linux with ctypes...)

Doing some work on OpenGL-in-ctypes, I hit a bit of a wall, namely the GLUT library refuses to even load. Whenever I try it gives me a warning that it can't find glPixelStorei. Looking at the module with ldd, it does appear that there's no link to to allow for resolving the references.

Sigh. ...

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I need to spend a few years studying philosophy (Wikipedia addiction takes hold again...)

Just couldn't force myself to sit down and program today, but neither could I find anyone who wanted to get together and discuss ideas. So, being a hopeless geek, I started writing some political screed or another for you screed-loving people; but every time I referenced someone I found myself tripping through the highways and ...

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Clintonian Virgin (Why hasn't this phrasing taken off?)

There are a few uses of it on Google, and there's a number of references to "virgin in the Clintonian sense", but the phrase itself just doesn't seem to have picked up the momentum I'd thought it would based on its coolness factor.

I mean, it's an oblique enough reference not to be too salty ...

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Datetime goodness (Long overdue todo items for BasicProperty)

After the party at gram's place (Canada Day) I took a bit of a nap, then started working on BasicProperty again. Decided to focus on the date/time types, as they really need to get updated to allow using Python 2.3+ datetime types (they currently only allow using mxDateTime).

I should probably also work on stripping ...

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Floor the accelerator (Module, that is)

Decided last night I'd work on something that, while part of one of my Open Source projects, would help Cinemon. We use BasicProperty all through Cinemon, and the property overhead for retrievals has bothered me on and off, so I decided to write a little accelerator module that does the trivial __get__ and _getValue functions ...

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