Features they are a springing (Ajax sneaks in too...)

Spent the day primarily on new-feature requests, including some very large next-gen features. One of them requires a rather involved, interactive process for defining limiting values, so I decided I'd try to integrate a Nevow LivePage into the web front-end.

It was a bit annoying having to reverse engineer the approach from the examples, (especially as the main tutorial seems out of date), but once that was done I was free to enjoy the stupidity that is Javascript (I programmed very extensively in Javascript + VRML for 3 years, I'm not unfamiliar with it, I just think it sucks ;) , and when combined with the cross-browser stupidities I don't think there's really any defense... it sucks).

Guess I should write up my observations as a tutorial at some point. Not that I've gone very far, but that first step is often the hardest.

Anyway, though my hands, back and eyes are shot, I think I should try to get some Open Source hacking done this evening... just bundling off to bed is a very attractive option too.


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