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Clintonian Virgin (Why hasn't this phrasing taken off?)

There are a few uses of it on Google, and there's a number of references to "virgin in the Clintonian sense", but the phrase itself just doesn't seem to have picked up the momentum I'd thought it would based on its coolness factor.

I mean, it's an oblique enough reference not to be too salty ...

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Datetime goodness (Long overdue todo items for BasicProperty)

After the party at gram's place (Canada Day) I took a bit of a nap, then started working on BasicProperty again. Decided to focus on the date/time types, as they really need to get updated to allow using Python 2.3+ datetime types (they currently only allow using mxDateTime).

I should probably also work on stripping ...

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Floor the accelerator (Module, that is)

Decided last night I'd work on something that, while part of one of my Open Source projects, would help Cinemon. We use BasicProperty all through Cinemon, and the property overhead for retrievals has bothered me on and off, so I decided to write a little accelerator module that does the trivial __get__ and _getValue functions ...

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