Generous offer of support (How best to further the project...)

Met with representatives of a group at the U of T this afternoon (they are a group set up primarily to promote commercialization of (medical) technologies, but they have a new mandate surrounding promotion of "social good" and the "triple bottom line" (environmental, social, fiscal), and it was that group that invited me in). Peter attended the talk last night and wanted to share the laptop with everyone there. They've been discussing the project a great deal internally and feel that there are possibilities for working with us or at least providing support. Among other ideas, they are working with people in the publishing industry (at a very high level) who might be interested in a cents-on-the-dollar system for providing access to their content. Obviously that wouldn't be stuff that could go on the "core" system, but rather something that could be offered to countries who are interested in participating. That's stuff like the textbooks, journals and the like used in our Universities provided in "remixable" formats if I understand correctly. They have (again, very high level) contacts in government, industry, education (mostly university), and health (they're primary focus is life-sciences, though IT is non-trivial) and are interested in getting the various groups to at least know about, and potentially contribute to the project. How to motivate the various potential participants was batted about, we'll likely need more discussion on that. They have offered lots of immediately practical resources as well, such as rooms for holding sprints/development-days, potentially rooms for broader public presentations and the like. We're going to try to get a day together when I'll bring in the laptop with the current interface and we have a whole room full of interface design specialists go over it and make suggestions.
Also, I was told at the conference last week that apparently Nicholas is going to be in town sometime in the next couple of weeks. Should try to figure out when that is and whether he (or someone else from 1CC) would prefer to be the contact person on these kind of things.

Anyway, need to be up at 6am to get to a client site tomorrow. Night all.


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