Yay! Lara's coming over! (Thai curry shall not go to waste)

I tried making a Thai curry for the first time today. It's not spot-on (used Indian curry spices (so it's Yellow Curry), regular ginger, that kind of thing), but it is very tasty. The coconut milk is so rich that it becomes a very forgiving dish (much like Indian curry, come to that).

I decided to do chicken curry (normally I only use chicken for molé, and then only because it doesn't work as well with any veggies I've tried) on a whim. Also did a (much larger) Ginger and Basil Veggies in case any true vegetarians showed up (doesn't look like it at this point).

A rather polite psychology student is apparently going to quote one of my poems in an upcoming paper (they didn't actually need to ask, given fair-use rights)... I probably should have asked if I'm illustrating a pathology... oh well :) . I think this is the one they are using.


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