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Didn't quite manage an inch (Centimeter-ing forward with OpenGL-ctypes)

Gave my hands a break, then did a bit of work on the image-handling code for OpenGL-ctypes. Mostly just translating the array-setup functions (SetupPixelRead, SetupRawPixelRead) into Python code, then deciding instead to re-implement them, as they aren't really clear wrt what they're trying to do. Hopefully breaking it down into 4 or 5 functions, each ...

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OpenGL-ctypes inches forward (Beginning to look somewhat functional...)

Wrapped up the GLU quadrics code, and the selection-set processing code (along with some other bits and pieces) so that the OpenGL-ctypes code can run PyGame-hosted versions of a number of the OpenGLContext demos. Most notably the selection demos (which use lots of spheres :) ).

Next step is probably to work on the image-handling ...

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