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ctypes-ing the night away (Shake-shake-shake your bootie... though that doesn't move one forward very far...)

Although it was tempting to try to rewrite the whole VOIP billing front-end in Django this evening as a test, I decided that getting OpenGL-ctypes moved forward would be a bigger net win for the world. So, sat down and wrapped the GLUT font pointers and the GLU tessellation structure/functions.

I've got to find a ...

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A little more time with Django (All in all I like it...)

Have just finished reading through the tutorial. Unfortunately, after finding the solution to the admin interface not showing up (you have to specify the "admin" settings file, despite the tutorial's assertion that the two settings files are the same), ran into a failure with a many-to-many relationship (can't delete). No big deal, still able to ...

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Thoughts on BasicProperty in the morning (How to unify the dozens of domain-modelling descriptor libraries?)

As I covered in my talk this past PyCon, we're getting a proliferation of domain-modelling frameworks in Python. I'm actually responsible for 2 of them myself (OpenGLContext's fields and BasicProperty). There's also Traits, Zope's fields, and a similar system in PEAK.

When you consider PyTable (which creates BasicProperty properties from database-schema definitions and builds convenience ...

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You give eternally
So you are loved
Made an icon
To sell cola
Children cry your name
With lists of toys attached
They ignore your power
Darker stories from the past
Of powerful magics
Serving implacable justice
They would rather not know
The force behind their favourite myth
So they imagine you fat and jolly ...

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