Tear down the wall! (Or, at least, begin poking holes though it)

Today was pretty much the end of the stand-alone operations for the VOIP admin front-end (I'll decide on a real name for this project about the time I finish it, I'm sure). Other than the question of when/how billing is done (i.e. prorated or not), and a few highly-isolated (and parameterised) foreign-key references, nothing done so far has much of a connection to the ISP/Cable billing system (VIBES). The idea being that we may find someone else needing a front-end for a VOIP system some day and they may not be using the VIBES system for the ISP yet.

There's only two major pieces left, however, the actual "billing" part of the equation (generating line-items for the customer's bill on startup and recurrence), and the writing/compiling of the hardware configuration files. I could probably do the entire hardware part without touching anything in VIBES too, but I figure the billing needs to get done now, so I'll work on that tomorrow.

I spent probably half an hour today pouring through the VIBES code looking for the function that retrieve's the currently logged-in username. Eventually just gave up and coded it directly in CGI. D'Arcy's web framework entirely mystifies me every time I try to sit down and understand it. Luckily I have Tim and D'Arcy around to tell me what goes where with it.


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