The Conversion of Shane (Red Alert II enthusiasts are born...)

Yesterday marked Shane's introduction to the Real Time Strategy (RTS) game genre. Mark, Dave and I have been playing Red Alert II for quite some time, and Praveen and Vivek had previous RTS experience (I think), but Shane has been a First Person Shooter (FPS), particularly a Quake III, devoté and has previously rejected our invites.

Yesterday's games were good, if somewhat frustrating. Only one game went to a finish, and unfortunately, after obliterating every other player but the computer opponent with a handful of Appocolypses (with dozens more left behind just because I wanted a challenge) I decided to call it a game and retire... only to find that what I'd been told was the computer opponent was actually Shane, thus I'd forfeited what would have been a trivial win (he didn't have any reasonable defences (the story about it being a computer was fairly reasonable, he'd even gone and built a nuclear power plant on the leading (least defensible) side of his base, just blowing that up would have taken 1/2 of his base out))... faulty intelligence kills.


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