Sheesh, easier to run linux binaries on NetBSD than my Gentoo box (I love my 64 bits, but what do they do for me?)

One of the tasks for today was to get the hardware compilation working. The MTAs are configured via a compiled (and encrypted) file that requires a binary compiler from the manufacturer. Okay, no problem, my workstation is a Gentoo AMD64, it should run the compiler fine. Oops, no. Oh well, for a hoot let's try it over on the NetBSD server... works perfectly first time without any special setup or configuration.

I guess what I'm saying is that my Gentoo box is getting pretty crufty with broken things. I'm going to have to figure out what exactly I've broken pretty soon or I'll be driven to rebuild the whole thing... and that would cause too many Windows flashbacks.

Anyway, going to pop down to the coffee shop for a drink with Dan. Haven't seen him in a few months.


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