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Why ctypes for OpenGL? (Since Brian asked...)

Brian asked me to explain what benefits I'm expecting from a ctypes version of OpenGL versus the PyOpenGLSWIG version. So, why not post it where everyone can read it (if one person asks, probably 10 want to know)...

   * Easier compilation/more robust operation
o Probably 90% of our time in PyOpenGLSWIG is spent on
compilation ...

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Oh yes, definitely one of those days (DNS aliases make me waste more than an hour...)

How did I decide that CVS was broken?

Well, druid (our development platform for VIBES and the VOIP front-end) is down because D'Arcy's in the process of replacing it. So I switched to working on Cinemon and wanted to remove an old file that was cluttering up a directory.

But CVS was spitting back an ...

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Looks like it's going to be one of those days (No joy in Linux-land...)

Had the workstation do a set of upgrades while I was out at the management meeting (one of us should get some work done)... got home to find a failure compiling/installing the emul-linux (Linux32 on AMD64) libraries. Permission failure trying to make the files executable.

Oh well, I can survive a few days without OpenOffice ...

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