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Aug. 15, 2005 - Aug. 21, 2005

Have to upgrade the video card soon (Kind of ridiculous writing OpenGL software when the hardware is this out-of-date)

I currently run an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500 in my workstation. Perfectly servicable card for work, given that all of my work these days is web-app development with SVG being the most demanding graphics I do. But it doesn't have any of the newer OpenGL features that need to be wrapped for PyOpenGL (or OpenGL-ctypes). ...

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Lots of array-handling refactoring (Mmm refactored code...)

Quite a bit more work on the array-handling code in OpenGL-ctypes. It seems to be working properly now, and the number of OpenGLContext demos that are running is growing substantially (even have the first bitmap-based demo working (though it's a pretty simple demo, no PIL involved)).

Something wonky is going on with the GLUT bitmap ...

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Array handling moves forward in OpenGL-ctypes (The goal is flexibility...)

Doing a bit more work with OpenGL-ctypes this evening. Mostly focusing on the array datatype handling. Basically what I want to allow is that any number of array-like datatypes can be registered with the system so that they can be passed to (and potentially returned from) functions expecting POINTER( basetype ) arguments.

Also tweaked the ...

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Windows just isn't worth the time (Another rebuild of a very old system...)

Wound up rebuilding (yet again) a Windows box that has decided to start corrupting its hard disk. Swapped in another hard disk from a box just as old (4GB). 7 hours later, it's wiped, installed, firewalled, anti-virused, IE has been replaced with Firefox, the DVD player is working, the menus have been cleaned up, the ...

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Our Judges

We desire the woman
Who sees more virtue in us
Than we see ourselves

But we can't trust
Their judgement
When they can't see
Our flaws

So we hope that someday
Someone will love us
Seeing both
And are today alone

Why ctypes for OpenGL? (Since Brian asked...)

Brian asked me to explain what benefits I'm expecting from a ctypes version of OpenGL versus the PyOpenGLSWIG version. So, why not post it where everyone can read it (if one person asks, probably 10 want to know)...

   * Easier compilation/more robust operation
o Probably 90% of our time in PyOpenGLSWIG is spent on
compilation ...

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Oh yes, definitely one of those days (DNS aliases make me waste more than an hour...)

How did I decide that CVS was broken?

Well, druid (our development platform for VIBES and the VOIP front-end) is down because D'Arcy's in the process of replacing it. So I switched to working on Cinemon and wanted to remove an old file that was cluttering up a directory.

But CVS was spitting back an ...

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Looks like it's going to be one of those days (No joy in Linux-land...)

Had the workstation do a set of upgrades while I was out at the management meeting (one of us should get some work done)... got home to find a failure compiling/installing the emul-linux (Linux32 on AMD64) libraries. Permission failure trying to make the files executable.

Oh well, I can survive a few days without OpenOffice ...

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Coffeeshop conversations (Wherein I monopolise the conversation)

Went for coffee with Dan yesterday. Afraid I monopolised the conversation somewhat (I really do try not to do that). Mostly because I was thinking about thesis stuff, so kept blathering on about it.

It was one of those situations where I realised just how out of practice I've gotten with explaining design and design ...

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Need to take some time to work on PyOpenGL-SWIG (OpenGL-ctypes has taken far longer than I expected...)

I've been focussing so much on the OpenGL-in-ctypes project that I've not been spending any "spare" time on PyOpenGL-SWIG maintenance. Tried to get a submitted patch integrated this evening, wasn't functional. There's at least one newly-wrapped extension module in CVS, and probably need to work on a few more.

Probably need 2 or 3 solid ...

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