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Guess it's time to start thinking about PyCon2006 presentations (On the assumption that I'll somehow justify a ticket to Texas)

The real question is what to present? The last two years I've done presentations on "black magic" (metaclasses and descriptors), and those were fun, but we've probably covered most of the interesting material in there. And even then, the presentations were really more like classes/lectures, there was no new information other than organisational structure and ...

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Figured out part of the wonkiness (Amazing what happens when you read the XXX comments...)

For those of you who don't program, XXX comments are not blue/off-colour comments, but "I'm moving too fast here to stop and try to figure out how to deal with this corner case, come back and consider it when ready" (or something to that effect). Some IDEs will even build a todo list out of ...

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Ooh, look, the day is dying (Where do the dead days go?)

I wound up waking up rather early today (some bleepard with a fax machine keeps trying to spam our (non-esistent) fax machine). Mostly worked on finishing stuff for the VOIP billing system (e.g. formatting line items for the customer's bills), with a bit of Cinemon work toward the end of the day.

Anyway, think I'll ...

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