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Well at least the redbook demos work (Running tests is a good thing...)

So, I decided I would try running all of the demos/tests that could be expected to run with the current state of OpenGL-ctypes. There's a considerable number of working tests (see the "continue reading" link below for more detail than anyone could possibly care about).

What's better, in doing so, I discovered a fairly big ...

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Image-handling code would be more useful if it *worked*, of course (Well, images seem to work fine, it's *textures* that are messed up)

Shademan postponed the movie until tomorrow, so I did a bit more work on OpenGL-ctypes. Quite a lot of wrapping of exotic functions I've never had a reason to call (mostly image-processing functions). Of course, I have no tests for any of those, so who knows if they work.

However, I seem to have lost, ...

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Image handling begins to shape up (Wrappers upon wrappers upon wrappers...)

Managed to get the image-handling code starting to look like a reasonable approach to the problem. Still quite a few functions un-wrapped, but in most cases the effort to wrap is now down to two lines of code. Also got quite a few more of the glGet* functions implemented. GLUT is still basically nonfunctional, and ...

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