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Oh, this sucks! (Deleting spam trackbacks deletes the articles but leaves the spam trackbacks!)

Apparently the "moderate trackbacks" setting in CoreBlog doesn't do anything. I just turned on the trackback history box and discovered hundreds of trackback spams have been added. So, I started plowing through the articles deleting the trackbacks...

But they didn't disappear from the recent trackback listing. So I re-indexed the whole blog. And they still ...

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Some are merely bronze (nVidia doesn't appear too stable at the moment...)

First the good news: I just squeaked through by the hair of my teeth to defeat grams at pool. I messed up twice trying to snooker her, winding up instead giving her perfect 2 or 3 foot shots to win the game. But the second time (the last game of the day) she horribly miss-shot, ...

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Some days are pure gold (Happy from early morning to early morning...)

The visit with Shiva and Shademan was wonderful. Their new place is quite nice, backing onto one (1/2 block) park, with a much larger park about a 3 minute walk away. Good food, good conversations, good friends. I even picked up the new weights (barbells) I've been needing to buy for the last year or ...

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