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Sept. 5, 2005 - Sept. 11, 2005

Oh, this sucks! (Deleting spam trackbacks deletes the articles but leaves the spam trackbacks!)

Apparently the "moderate trackbacks" setting in CoreBlog doesn't do anything. I just turned on the trackback history box and discovered hundreds of trackback spams have been added. So, I started plowing through the articles deleting the trackbacks...

But they didn't disappear from the recent trackback listing. So I re-indexed the whole blog. And they still ...

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Some are merely bronze (nVidia doesn't appear too stable at the moment...)

First the good news: I just squeaked through by the hair of my teeth to defeat grams at pool. I messed up twice trying to snooker her, winding up instead giving her perfect 2 or 3 foot shots to win the game. But the second time (the last game of the day) she horribly miss-shot, ...

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Some days are pure gold (Happy from early morning to early morning...)

The visit with Shiva and Shademan was wonderful. Their new place is quite nice, backing onto one (1/2 block) park, with a much larger park about a 3 minute walk away. Good food, good conversations, good friends. I even picked up the new weights (barbells) I've been needing to buy for the last year or ...

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First crack at a business card (Feels a bit compositional, but oh well, release early, release often...)

Business cardI've been needing to put together a personal business card for a good long while. Just something I can hand out when people want to know who I am for personal, rather than VexTech or Cinemon reasons. My original plan was to go for just "" in black on white, but somewhere along the way ...

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ATI TV Wonder Pro under Linux (Works again w/ 2.6.11-r9 kernel)

Okay, got the capture card working again. One of these days I guess I should figure out what's changed between the 2.6.11 and 2.6.12 kernels that's messing up. I've tried copying the .config over any number of times, so I'm guessing something changed in the code that either requires a new setting/option/module, or something was ...

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Workstation has almost finished rebuilding itself (Churns away in the background all day...)

The bulk of the software about which I care has been rebuilt now. About the only thing that's still both major and missing is the MythTV support for the ATI TV Wonder Pro. Weird thing is that I keep reading about how this card doesn't work properly, but with the patches it's been working ...

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A perfect dismount (Okay, more like "managed to avoid landing flat on his face")

As of just this moment I've managed to load X11 (and KDE, and Mozilla) on the new Linux instance. I've also fixed the problem with the delay during BIOS startup (it was the lack of a floppy that caused the problem, I'd detached it so I could add the SATA drive to the drive-cage and ...

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Last breath before the leap (Kind of cool that it's gotten this far rebuilding itself in the background...)

The new drive (and video card) came today; but without data or power cables, causing me to make a trip down to College street to pick up the power cable (Ken had found a data cable after ordering one yesterday). So much for paying to get the drive delivered to avoid impinging on work-time. To ...

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Meetings stretch days (Temporal hamburger helper...)

I like meetings (I'm a people junkie), but they leave me with this nagging little voice that tells me I need to make up for the time spent in them. So I wind up working a full day after the meeting, which turns the day into a long grind.

Anyway, we're finally getting a permanent ...

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Controllers in Nevow begin to take shape (Now just have to figure out how to make them reusable...)

Wound up making the trigger-definition code capable of building nested trees of objects, rather than a simple list. It was a fairly straightforward refactoring of the list-handling code. Still haven't figured out how to make the pattern reusable for other projects. Not a high priority just yet.

Should get the hard disk tomorrow to stop ...

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