Numpy goes nuts? (Weird error shows up deep inside OpenGLContext...)

This error popped up about a week ago, but it showed up just as I was finishing work on OpenGL-ctypes, so I never looked into it. This evening it's back in full swing, rendering basically all of OpenGLContext useless. It's showing up with the Numpy 23.7 release (Gentoo stable), and seems to be an obvious bug in (my installation of) Numpy:
    vectors = reshape( vectors, (-1,3))
ValueError: can only specify one unknown dimension

That is, I'm only specifying one unknown dimension, and it's code that's worked for years, so the likely failure is somewhere in the build and/or linking of the Numpy. I've rebuilt the package, of course, but so far the error persists. Guess I'll have to look into it tomorrow.


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