PyOpenGL 3.0.2 Released

PyOpenGL 3.0.2 (final, finally) has been released. The major changes since 3.0.1 (released in 2010!) are:

  • OpenGL core support up to 4.3 level [1]

  • OpenGL extension support from the current registry [1]

  • Some missing FreeGLUT extensions added

  • OpenGL.GL.framebufferobjects providing ARB/EXT alternates for framebuffer operations

  • Experimental OSMesa (Offscreen Mesa) context (use the environment variable PYOPENGL_PLATFORM=osmesa)

Codebase changes:
  • Experimental Python 3.2 and PyPy support

  • Win64 Support (including OpenGL_accelerate)

  • Numarray (the ancient transitional module between Numeric and numpy) is no longer supported as an array type

  • More compact auto-generated wrappers

  • Large numbers of bug fixes

Downloads are at:

Future Compatibility Notes:
  • This will be the last release of PyOpenGL to support Python 2.5 (and
    it supports Python 2.5 in source-release only mode).
    • PyOpenGL will be moving to a "shared code" approach for Python
      2/3 support, which makes supporting the older Python releases

  • This will be the last release to support the use of bare numbers as
    number-array data-types
    • i.e. passing 1.00 to a function expecting an array/address of an
    • Use Glfloat( 1.00 ) to pass in an array-compatible value
    • Passing in an int/long will generate a GLvoidp( I ) to allow for
      easy offset-address-style API usage

  • The ancient Numeric package (as distinct from Numpy) will be dropped
    as a supported array format
    • Numeric itself has long since been deprecated, use Numpy

[1] Note: OpenGL extension and higher-level core feature support is auto-generated. As always, we are limited by the number of test programs that exercise more advanced features and the availability of hardware that can support the features on which to test.


  1. Malcolm Tredinnick

    Malcolm Tredinnick on 10/16/2012 2:53 a.m. #

    Thanks for putting the work into this, Mike. Looking forwards to trying it out.

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